120 textbooks will be donated to Austin Community College District’s psychology department for 2022–2023 academic year

BOSTON, September 6, 2022 — FlatWorld, a digital-first publisher of award-winning college learning materials that are both affordable and high quality, today announced that it is awarding free textbooks to students of Austin Community College District’s (ACC) psychology department. As part of the FlatWorld Textbook Scholarship Program, 120 students will receive free textbooks from FlatWorld during the fall 2022 and spring 2023 semesters.

“As a community college, we often serve students who struggle with housing and food insecurity, and the cost of textbooks is a huge barrier to these students being able to get an education which will improve their lives, and the lives of their families. While a free textbook may not solve the systemic problems which we face, every small gesture helps, and sometimes a little respite can go a long way. I know many students around the country face similar issues, and I hope all who benefit from this generous offer go on to pay it forward in their lives by doing some small good for others wherever and whenever the opportunity arises,” said Professor Suzanne Stambaugh, Psychology professor at ACC, in her scholarship application.

Professor Stambaugh’s class will use FlatWorld’s newly updated Introduction to Psychology textbook, written by Charles Stangor. Introduction to Psychology is a concise and conceptual introduction to the fascinating subject of psychology. Featuring a central theme of action—predicting our own actions and those around us—this book grabs students’ attention and does not let go. A range of supplements for Introduction to Psychology are provided at no additional cost, including FlatWorld Homework, an instructor’s manual, PowerPoint lecture notes, test banks, a sample syllabus, and a test generator.

“Congratulations to Professor Stambaugh and her students. We are proud to be in our fourth year of awarding the FlatWorld Scholarship. Every year, the number of applications we receive from faculty grows. We are delighted to continue expanding our scholarship, providing textbooks to more students than ever. We talk to educators every day. We hear firsthand the stories of students avoiding courses because the assigned textbook is too expensive, and of faculty’s struggles to keep students engaged in classes where they skip buying the textbook because they can’t afford it. It doesn’t have to be that way. This is what drives us in our mission to bring the price of textbooks back down to earth.”

Any faculty member teaching at a U.S. institution is eligible to apply for the FlatWorld Textbook Scholarship, whether the professor is currently using a FlatWorld textbook or simply considering adopting a FlatWorld textbook for the first time. Consistent with our goal to keep things simple for faculty, the application is short, straightforward, and easy to complete. The FlatWorld 2023 Textbook Scholarship will launch in mid-October. 

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