290 textbook scholarships awarded at both Heidelberg University and Mt. San Antonio College for 2021–2022 academic year


BOSTON, October 07, 2021—FlatWorld, a digital-first publisher of award-winning college learning materials that are both affordable and high quality, today announced that it is awarding free textbooks to students of Heidelberg University’s Sociology department and Mt. San Antonio College’s Psychology department. This year marks the first time two classes have been awarded the FlatWorld Textbook Scholarship, with 290 students in total expected to receive free textbooks from FlatWorld during the fall 2021 and spring 2022 semesters.

“I am so grateful for the support Flatworld is providing my Heidelberg University students. There are so many barriers in successfully navigating college. Textbooks shouldn’t be one of those barriers. Thank you for supporting the student prices and for providing accessible educational resources,” said Dr. Sarah Lazzari, Assistant Professor of Criminology and Sociology at Heidelberg University.

“Students at Mt. San Antonio College typically work, raise families, and continue their studies at the same time. Many of them are in the position where they need to choose between gasoline for the car or textbooks for their classes; this scholarship will ease the burden on over 100 advanced, transferring students. Biopsychology books in particular are some of the most expensive books on campus—this scholarship will be extremely welcome and appreciated. Thank you so much,” said John Pellitteri, Professor of Psychology at Mt. San Antonio College. 

Dr. Lazzari’s students will be using FlatWorld’s Introduction to Sociology textbook, Sociology: Understanding and Changing the Social World, Comprehensive Edition, Version 3.0 by Steven E. Barkan. This new version reflects key sociological events from 2020 including the initial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, developments in the Black Lives Matter movement, growing repercussions of climate change, and more. Professor Pellitteri’s students will be using FlatWorld’s Biopsychology textbook, Biopsychology: Fundamentals and Contemporary Issues, Version 1.0 by Martin S. Shapiro. This award-winning, peer-reviewed first edition introduces the next generation of biopsychology textbook. It is designed to better engage students with rich, online media content that dynamically illustrates the connections between the brain, nervous system, and behavior. A range of supplements for both titles is provided at no additional cost, including FlatWorld Homework, instructor’s manuals, PowerPoint lecture notes, test banks, and test generators. 

“This year, we received many applications from faculty with students facing hardship exacerbated by the ongoing global pandemic. We stand committed to removing barriers to education for students in need, and that is why FlatWorld is expanding our FlatWorld Textbook Scholarship this year,” said Alastair Adam, co-CEO of FlatWorld. “One of our core beliefs is that instructors are the key to education. Through these scholarships and our continued commitment to offer our high-quality learning materials at the most affordable prices, we can empower professors, putting vital educators back at the center of higher education.” 

Any faculty teaching at a U.S. institution is eligible to apply for the FlatWorld Textbook Scholarship, whether the professor is currently using a FlatWorld textbook or simply considering adopting a FlatWorld textbook for the first time. In alignment with our goal of making using a FlatWorld textbook as easy as possible for faculty, the application is short and straightforward to complete. FlatWorld launched the Textbook Scholarship in 2019, and applications for the FlatWorld 2022 Textbook Scholarship are open now. To learn more about the FlatWorld Textbook Scholarship, visit http://go.flatworld.com/scholarship.

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