May 15, 2020 — FlatWorld, a digital-first publisher of award-winning college textbooks that are both affordable and high quality, today announced that more than 20 of the publisher’s authors have made substantial additions to their textbooks to reflect COVID-19’s impacts on their respective fields. FlatWorld will begin publishing these revised textbooks over the summer, with the aim of updating over a dozen titles for the start of the 2020–2021 academic year.

“COVID-19 has significantly impacted virtually every aspect of our lives. Therefore, it is essential that students who are studying a wide range of subjects—from psychology or personal health to American government—begin to understand the many implications of the pandemic as soon as possible,” said Sean W. Wakely, Vice President of Product and Editorial at FlatWorld. “FlatWorld and our authors share a deep commitment to ensuring that faculty and students receive the most up-to-date information from our textbooks. We look forward to publishing many updated FlatWorld titles in time for use in fall 2020 classes.”

Titles that will benefit from significant updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic include:

“At a time when exorbitant costs and digital-first teaching are top of mind for many people in higher ed, we’ve redoubled our commitment to quality, affordability, and support for online teaching and learning,” commented Alastair Adam, co-CEO of FlatWorld. “Providing a high-quality digital platform for our textbooks, homework, and instructor supplements, and including everything professors need to prepare media-rich and engaging online classes at one low price, is simply the right thing to do.” 

For the Spring 2020 semester, FlatWorld had more than 1.2 million registered users on its platform, and college students from all 50 states used a digital or print textbook from the publisher. FlatWorld Homework has experienced significant increases in usage every term since its launch in fall 2018. Thousands of students across the U.S. successfully use Flatworld’s intuitive homework application on a variety of devices to enhance learning and improve their grades. 

Added Adam, “In recent years, we’ve seen significant growth in our business by doing something that none of our competitors seem willing to do—selling high-quality textbooks at extremely reasonable prices. Based on our recent conversations with many professors from across the U.S., we’re confident that adoption of FlatWorld textbooks will continue to grow robustly in the 2020–2021 academic year, whether faculty are teaching remotely, on-campus or some combination of the two.”

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