New functionality in digital solutions for textbooks, homework, and instructor supplements will enhance students’ learning experiences 

November 18, 2019 — FlatWorld, a digital-first publisher of high-quality and affordable college learning materials that are used by faculty at more than 1,500 institutions across the U.S., today announced a wide range of enhancements to its digital platform. These updates include everything from new capabilities for FlatWorld Homework, to enhanced accessibility for FlatWorld’s digital titles, and new textbook customization features for professors. 

“FlatWorld is committed to offering both the highest-quality textbooks at affordable prices and to ensuring the highest-quality digital experiences for students and professors,” said Alastair Adam, Co-CEO of FlatWorld. “Our design and engineering teams are constantly listening to feedback and exploring ways to make our digital solutions for homework, textbooks, and instructor supplements not just meet the needs of students and faculty, but exceed their expectations.”

New capabilities in FlatWorld Homework include:

  • Availability on EDU App Center: FlatWorld Homework is now available in all major LMS systems through the EDU App Center.
  • Expanded grading capabilities: FlatWorld Homework now features auto-grading capabilities, while also letting professors to easily edit student’s grades after submission.
  • New answer controls: FlatWorld Homework now features finer-grained control over what post-submission answer and solution formation a student can see and when, in an effort to prevent sharing of answers between students before submissions are closed.
  • Launch of assignment Quick Create: Getting started with FlatWorld Homework will be faster than ever with Quick Create, allowing professors to choose between selecting individual questions or using a pre-selected set, to build homework assignments in minutes. 

In addition to enhancing FlatWorld Homework, the company introduced a series of enhancements to its digital platform for textbooks and instructor supplements: 

  • Increased accessibility: 97% of FlatWorld’s titles are now fully accessible and we will attain our goal of 100% in the near future. Specifically, the FlatWorld platform now supports complex data and table layouts for improved pedagogy of more complex, quantitative subjects such as accounting and statistics. FlatWorld also made improvements to the performance and usability of student and instructor dashboards.
  • Better stability, performance, and security: Ensuring that it keeps pace with its rapid growth, FlatWorld has updated its cloud infrastructure and architecture to make the company’s systems faster, more reliable, and more secure for professors and students.
    Enhancements to editor platform: FlatWorld’s updates to its textbook editor platform make it easier than ever for professors to customize the FlatWorld textbooks they assign to students.  
  • Expanded support team: This year, FlatWorld increased the size of its customer service team and extended the capabilities and hours of the team, including extending evening and weekend support hours to better match the times at which faculty and students are looking for assistance.

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