Publisher increases the number of textbooks that FlatWorld Homework is available for, and introduces randomized assignments, enhanced grade reports, and an improved user interface.

BOSTON, February 5, 2019 — FlatWorld, a publisher of college learning materials that are both affordable and high quality, today announced new capabilities and an expanded course selection for FlatWorld Homework, FlatWorld’s robust homework platform that is included at no additional cost with students’ textbooks.

“In addition to the exorbitant prices that numerous publishers charge for college textbooks, many extract even more money from students by making them pay for required homework solutions,” said FlatWorld Co-CEO Alastair Adam. “Last spring, we launched FlatWorld Homework with the goal of providing students and professors with not only a high-quality homework system, but one that would come at no additional cost with their textbooks. We’ve seen strong adoption of FlatWorld Homework over the last year, and we expect adoption to continue to grow as we further enhance FlatWorld Homework’s capabilities and offer FlatWorld Homework with even more books in our catalog.”

FlatWorld Homework is designed from the ground up to be instructor-friendly. The solution comes complete with high-quality assignments and robust grading materials, and professors have the option to integrate FlatWorld Homework with their current Learning Management System. FlatWorld Homework’s mobile-friendly interface makes it easy for students to complete their homework and for professors to review assignments on-the-go.

FlatWorld Homework launched in 2018 with 16 of FlatWorld textbooks, and is now available to more than 80 percent of professors who have adopted a FlatWorld textbook. FlatWorld Homework’s new capabilities include:

  • Randomized assignments: FlatWorld Homework now gives educators the option of configuring randomized assignments, where students attempt the same questions but with different values. Questions can have more than one variant, and FlatWorld shows randomly-selected variants to students.
  • New grades reports: To improve the experience with grades reports, FlatWorld has introduced a dynamic table with compact and expanded views. Educators can now easily sort the table of grades by student name or final store. Both students and educators can see the time when homework has been submitted, and students can view submission details of all their attempts in a popup by clicking on the final score of their respective attempt.
  • Invitation link for educators: Previously, invitation links were used only to allow students to self-enroll to a course, and every user that accessed a course via an invitation link was given a student role for the course. Now, FlatWorld has expanded this feature to support faculty as well.
  • Courses order: Users can now see the most recently started courses first when they go to Courses in Homework.

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