Content from FlatWorld’s college textbooks will be used for multiple courses at The American Women’s College

BOSTON, September 5, 2018 — FlatWorld, a publisher of college learning materials that are both affordable and high-quality, today announced that The American Women’s College at Bay Path University will use materials from a number of the publisher’s digital college textbooks during the 2018–2019 academic year.

“Our focus on adaptive learning requires that the digital materials we use are accessible, affordable, and high-quality,” said Jeremy Anderson, deputy chief of academic and administrative technology for The American Women’s College at Bay Path University. “We’ve traditionally gravitated towards OER to help us achieve access and affordability, but the quality of OER resources can be inconsistent. The quality, affordability, and accessibility of FlatWorld’s peer-reviewed learning materials is very exciting for us.”

The American Women’s College will adopt financial and accounting materials from FlatWorld Unlimited, FlatWorld’s institutional solution that achieves the goals of openly licensed materials. FlatWorld Unlimited comes equipped with digital college textbooks, test banks, PowerPoint slides, videos, homework questions, and instructor manuals for faculty. Students and professors will access FlatWorld Unlimited content through the university’s SOUL KnowledgePath adaptive learning platform.

“For too long, professors and students have faced a choice between learning materials that are expensive yet high-quality, or free yet lacking in terms of either quality or the ecosystem of supporting resources,” said Alastair Adam, co-CEO of FlatWorld. “We’re thrilled to have The American Women’s College faculty join the more than 4,000 professors across the U.S. who have found that FlatWorld offers the best of both worlds.”

About Bay Path University
Bay Path University was founded in 1897. With locations in Longmeadow (main), East Longmeadow (Philip H. Ryan Health Science Center), Springfield (MA), Sturbridge (MA), and Concord (MA), Bay Path’s innovative program offerings include traditional undergraduate degrees for women, The American Women's College on-ground and online, the first all-women, all-online accredited bachelor’s degree programs in the country; over 25 graduate programs for women and men; and Strategic Alliances, offering professional development courses for individuals and organizations. Bay Path’s goal is to give students confidence in the fundamentals of their chosen field, the curiosity to question the ordinary, the leadership to show initiative, and the desire to make a difference.

About FlatWorld
FlatWorld publishes the most affordable high-quality learning materials, including both digital and print textbooks, and a robust homework platform. FlatWorld offers more than 135 titles, and the majority of FlatWorld’s textbooks cost between $24.95–$29.95 for digital access. More than 4,000 professors at universities across the U.S. have adopted a FlatWorld textbook. To learn more, visit