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Can I return a FlatWorld textbook that I purchased?

Did you purchase it at a bookstore?

     If so, you'll need to check with that bookstore regarding their return policy.

Did you purchase the item online, directly from FlatWorld?

     If so, fast forward to the item/format you purchased:


eTextbook Access Pass –  You cannot return this pass through us, but you can check with your bookstore to learn more about their return policy.

eTextbook Download – You may return the book within 5 days of the purchase, as long as you did not download any files.

Printed Textbooks – Unfortunately, we do not accept returns for a printed textbook unless it was not shipped within the promised timeframe or if our printer shipped the wrong book. If that's the case, please contact us at or 877-257-9243. In rare occasions, depending on circumstances, we may accept a return for a print book. In those examples, we would charge a $15 restocking fee and refund the remaining amount. The refund would not be processed until the book is shipped back to our Boston office and confirmation received of delivery. 

Please note:  

You should only purchase FlatWorld Textbooks from your school bookstore or directly from FlatWorld

If you choose to return an item, without our written authorization, items returned may be destroyed and no credit will be given.

Orders containing printed textbooks cannot be canceled once placed with FlatWorld. They are printed on-demand as special orders.

Last Updated:  13 July 2013