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Cover of The Power of Selling v2.0
The Power of Selling v2.0
Kimberly Richmond
February 2019
Marketing Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

Richmond’s goal in writing The Power of Selling was simple: To make the selling process come alive for students in the classroom, to teach students how to apply the fundamentals of selling, how to sell themselves, and to get the job they want with the same process professional sales people learn for their own selling skills. This textbook uses the traditional selling tenets as its foundation and adapts the concepts to the rapidly changing world of business in today’s environment, including the use of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, wikis, and other interactive ways of connecting with customers.

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Secret to Success in Life

Chapter 2: Exploring Careers in Sales

Chapter 3: Connections, Relationships, and Trust

Chapter 4: Difficult Choices: Doing the Right Thing

Chapter 5: The Ultimate Guide to Communication and Business Etiquette

Chapter 6: #SocialSelling—Adding Value to Your Network

Chapter 7: Why and How Customers Buy

Chapter 8: The Foundation of the Selling Process: Prospecting and Qualifying

Chapter 9: Preparing for Success: The Pre-Approach

Chapter 10: The Moment of Truth: The Approach

Chapter 11: Present Like a Pro: The Presentation

Chapter 12: Anticipating Opportunities: Handling Objections

Chapter 13: Asking for the Sale: The Close

Chapter 14: Doing it Right: The Follow-up

Chapter 15: So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

Appendix A: Resources for Successful Salespeople

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