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Cover of Entrepreneurship v1.0
Entrepreneurship v1.0
Laura Portolese, Jaclyn Krause, and Julie R. Bonner
February 2019
General Business Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

Entrepreneurship provides accessible and practical content for students hoping to start their own businesses. It also provides students with a strong basis for innovative thinking, which can be applied to any field or career they pursue. With a focus on service-oriented businesses, this text uses real-world examples, multimedia content, and thought-provoking callouts to engage students and make concepts relatable. Together, these features make this academically-focused book easy to read and understand

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What is Entrepreneurship?

Chapter 2: Understanding the Basics of Business

Chapter 3: How Do I Determine a Good Idea and Opportunity?

Chapter 4: How Do I Write a Marketing Plan?

Chapter 5: How Do I Perform Financial Analysis?

Chapter 6: How Do I Write an Operational Plan?

Chapter 7: How to Write a Management Plan

Chapter 8: How to Put Together a Business Plan

Chapter 9: How Do I Manage Change?

Chapter 10: Handling Human Resources

Chapter 11: How Do I Grow My Business?

Chapter 12: Planning for the Future

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