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Cover of Our History: A Survey of United States History, Volume Two - From 1865 v1.0
Our History: A Survey of United States History, Volume Two - From 1865 v1.0
Steven M. Gillon
July 2019
History Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

Our History: A Survey of United States History, Volume Two - From 1865 is a balanced treatment of political and social history grounded in a clear chronology that emphasizes cultural history and social movements. It is suitable for introductory or survey courses on the history of the United States, also called American history, that cover the time period from pre-Columbian contact to the present day taught at two- and four-year colleges and universities. The book is available in two volumes, each of which is appropriate for the semester-long course ("Volume One - to 1877" and "Volume Two - from 1865").

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Reconstruction and the New South, 1865–1900

Chapter 2: The Western Frontier, 1862–1900

Chapter 3: The Industrial Experiment, 1865–1900

Chapter 4: The New Urban Nation, 1865–1910

Chapter 5: State and Society, 1877–1900

Chapter 6: The Progressive Era, 1889–1916

Chapter 7: The Experiment in American Empire, 1865–1917

Chapter 8: Making the World Safe for Democracy: America and World War I, 1914–1920

Chapter 9: The New Era, 1920–1928

Chapter 10: “Fear Itself”: Crash, Depression, and the New Deal, 1929–1938

Chapter 11: War and Society, 1933–1945

Chapter 12: The Cold War Begins, 1945–1952

Chapter 13: The Consumer Society, 1945–1960

Chapter 14: Consensus and Confrontation, 1960–1968

Chapter 15: The Politics of Polarization, 1969–1979

Chapter 16: The Reagan Experiment, 1979–1988

Chapter 17: America After the Cold War, 1988–2000

Chapter 18: America in the 21st Century, 2001–2019

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