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Cover of The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business v4.0
The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business v4.0
Terence Lau and Lisa Johnson
May 2019
Business Law Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

In writing The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business, the authors have condensed and streamlined the presentation of the key business law topics to ensure that every page is relevant, engaging, and interesting to today’s learners. This highly accessible textbook uses summaries of cases and case excerpts to improve student understanding. Lau and Johnson are focused on getting students to understand the reason for the law rather than just memorizing the law and its key elements.

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Law

Chapter 2: The Court System

Chapter 3: Litigation

Chapter 4: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 5: The Constitution

Chapter 6: Contracts

Chapter 7: Torts

Chapter 8: The Property System

Chapter 9: Intellectual Property

Chapter 10: Criminal Law

Chapter 11: Business Organizations

Chapter 12: Employment Law and Agency

Chapter 13: Business in the Global Legal Environment

Appendix A: Constitution for the United States of America

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