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Textbook Details

Cover of Introduction to Public Speaking: An Inductive Approach v1.0
Introduction to Public Speaking: An Inductive Approach v1.0
Mark Ward Sr.
December 2021
Communication Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Taking It Easy: Explaining the Inductive Approach

Part 1: Your First Speech

Chapter 2: Best Foot Forward: Introducing Your Speech

Chapter 3: All’s Well That Ends Well: Concluding Your Speech

Chapter 4: You’re a Natural: Speaking Extemporaneously

Chapter 5: Call for Backup: Supporting Your Points

Chapter 6: Cue the Audience: Transitioning Between Points

Chapter 7: Put It in Writing: Outlining Your Speech

Chapter 8: Come Talk to Me: Delivering Your Speech

Part 2: Your Informative and Persuasive Speeches

Chapter 9: Get to the Point: Formulating Your Thesis and Main Points

Chapter 10: Follow Me: Organizing and Visualizing Your Main Points

Chapter 11: Now I Get It: Informing and Persuading Your Audience

Chapter 12: That Sounds Interesting: Selecting Your Topic

Part 3: Beyond the Basics

Chapter 13: But Wait, There’s More: Other Types of Public Speaking

Chapter 14: Give a Listen: Critiquing Public Speeches

Chapter 15: On the Job: The Role of Speaking in Your Career

Appendix A: Chapter 2 Appendices

Appendix B: Chapter 3 Appendices

Appendix C: Chapter 4 Appendices

Appendix D: Chapter 5 Appendices

Appendix E: Chapter 7 Appendices

Appendix F: Chapter 8 Appendices

Appendix G: Chapter 10 Appendices

Appendix H: Chapter 12 Appendices

Appendix I: Chapter 14 Appendices

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