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Cover of Information Systems: A Manager's Guide to Harnessing Technology v8.0
Information Systems: A Manager's Guide to Harnessing Technology v8.0
John Gallaugher
December 2019
Information Systems Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

Information Systems


Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology v8.0 is suitable for undergraduate or MBA-level courses on business or management information systems taught in two- or four-year schools that are often called Introduction to Information Systems, Strategic Information Systems, Capstone Information Systems course, Technology Entrepreneurship, Digital Organization/Digital Leadership, Management Information, Information Technology or similar.

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Setting the Stage: Technology and the Modern Enterprise

Chapter 2: Strategy and Technology: Concepts and Frameworks for Achieving Success

Chapter 3: Zara: Fast Fashion from Savvy Systems

Chapter 4: Netflix in Two Acts: Sustaining Leadership in an Epic Shift from Atoms to Bits

Chapter 5: Moore's Law and More: Fast, Cheap Computing, and What This Means for the Manager

Chapter 6: Disruptive Technologies: Understanding Giant Killers and Tactics to Avoid Extinction

Chapter 7: Amazon: An Empire Stretching from Cardboard Box to Kindle to Cloud

Chapter 8: Platforms, Network Effects, and Competing in a Winner-Take-All World

Chapter 9: Social Media, Peer Production, and Leveraging the Crowd

Chapter 10: The Sharing Economy, Collaborative Consumption, and Efficient Markets through Tech

Chapter 11: Facebook: Platforms, Privacy, and Big Business from the Social Graph

Chapter 12: Rent the Runway: Entrepreneurs Expanding an Industry by Blending Tech with Fashion

Chapter 13: Understanding Software: A Primer for Managers

Chapter 14: Software in Flux: Open Source, Cloud, Virtualized, and App-Driven Shifts

Chapter 15: Data and Competitive Advantage: Databases, Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning

Chapter 16: A Manager’s Guide to the Internet and Telecommunications

Chapter 17: Information Security: Barbarians at the Gateway (and Just About Everywhere Else)

Chapter 18: Google in Three Parts: Search, Online Advertising, and an Alphabet of Opportunity

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