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Textbook Details

Cover of Technical Communication: Excelling in a Technological World v1.0
Technical Communication: Excelling in a Technological World v1.0
Pau-San Haruta
March 2016
Business Communication Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Technical Communication

Chapter 2: Strategic Communication

Chapter 3: Ethical Communication

Chapter 4: Language Basics

Chapter 5: Organization and Coherence

Chapter 6: Language with Style

Chapter 7: Intercultural Communication

Chapter 8: Visual Communication

Chapter 9: Visual Selection

Chapter 10: Routine Letters

Chapter 11: Electronic and Face-Threatening Letters

Chapter 12: Memos, Emails, and Instant Messages

Chapter 13: Definitions, Descriptions, and Instructions

Chapter 14: Reports

Chapter 15: Proposals

Chapter 16: Print Media

Chapter 17: Interactive Media

Chapter 18: Social Media and Team Communication

Chapter 19: Employment Communication

Chapter 20: Case and Projects: Cost Engineering in a Red-Hot Global Economy

Chapter 21: Case and Projects: Community Health

Chapter 22: Case and Projects: Barcode of Life

Chapter 23: Case and Projects: Human Bias in Voice Technologies

Chapter 24: Case and Projects: Pathfinding and Navigation

Chapter 25: Case and Projects: Grid Computing in the New Millennium

Chapter 26: Source Documentation

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