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Cover of College Success v3.0
College Success v3.0
Bruce Beiderwell and Tom Lochhaas
July 2020
College Success Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

College Success v3.0 is a student's how-to manual for succeeding in college. Its learner-friendly format is arranged to help develop the essential skills and provide the information every student needs to make the most out of the college experience. This easily customized book provides realistic, practical guidance on key topics including study skills, personal health awareness, test taking, and managing time and money.

Brief Table of Contents

Chapter 1: You and Your College Experience

Chapter 2: Staying Motivated, Organized, and On Track

Chapter 3: Thinking about Thought

Chapter 4: Listening, Taking Notes, and Remembering

Chapter 5: Reading to Learn

Chapter 6: Preparing for and Taking Tests

Chapter 7: Interacting with Instructors and Classes

Chapter 8: Writing for Classes

Chapter 9: The Social World of College

Chapter 10: Taking Control of Your Health

Chapter 11: Taking Control of Your Finances

Chapter 12: Taking Control of Your Future

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