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Textbook Details

Cover of Accounting Information Systems: Thinking, Development, and Evaluation v1.0
Accounting Information Systems: Thinking, Development, and Evaluation v1.0
Robyn L. Raschke and John A. Schatzel
December 2021
Accounting Textbooks
ISBN (Digital): 

Brief Table of Contents

Part 1: The User Perspective

Chapter 1: System Basics

Chapter 2: AIS Structure and the Flow of Information

Chapter 3: The Data Analytic Cycle—One Approach to Data-Driven Decisions

Chapter 4: AIS Beyond the Financial Statements

Part 2: The Designer Perspective

Chapter 5: Documenting the Accounting Information Systems

Chapter 6: AIS Strategic Planning and Systems Development

Chapter 7: Database Design

Chapter 8: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Implementation

Part 3: The Control Perspective

Chapter 9: Internal Control Environment

Chapter 10: IT Security and Controls

Chapter 11: Expenditure Cycle and Controls

Chapter 12: The Revenue Cycle

Chapter 13: The Conversion Cycle

Chapter 14: Fixed Assets, Financing, and Payroll Cycle

Chapter 15: Financial Reporting

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