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What textbook formats can I choose from?

We believe in increasing access while reducing student costs.

The Digital All Access Pass (Digital AAP, as we call it) gives you complete digital access.  Students can access the online book reader and all of the book's study aids; download the e-textbook files for their Kindle Fire, iPad, or NOOK HD; download PDF files and print a chapter at a time -- digital device nirvana.  Some our textbooks include audiobook files, which you can load onto an MP3 player or iPod.   NOTE:  This is the only format that we sell in bookstores.

Study Pass:  This is our most affordable option.  You have lifetime access to the entire textbook in our online reader -- all you need is reliable Internet access.  You also have access to all of the textbook's study aids, which range from flashcards to quizzes that help reinforce key terms and concepts. 

Print 'n Bound Textbooks:  We print textbooks on demand and ship directly to your door.  (Allow 7-10 business days to receive your copy.)   You can even choose between black and white or color. 

We want to make all of our customers happy.  Please review our return policy prior to purchasing -- just so we're on the same page.